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Top 5 takeaways from the Instana and Humio workshop

Go from alert to APM to root cause in seconds.

May 11th, 2020

Last week, Steve Waterworth, Marketing Manager of Instana and Craig Vitter, Director of Global Presales at Humio presented a Respond Instantly workshop where they showcased how Humio and Instana integrate to present high-granularity, live streaming APM services.

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Together Instana and Humio generate a complete observability picture for applications, and enable instant response to any performance problem. See how they work together by exploring the top five takeaways from the event:

1. Humio and Instana provide instant, high-resolution data.

Built to provide streaming access to data, Humio ingests all incoming data in under a second and makes it searchable. Instana delivers new metrics once a second, and retains them for 24 hours. Every request is traced and saved for 7 days, and Instana provides access to them within seconds.

2. Navigation across Humio and Instana is easy. Find root causes in a few clicks.

In the live demo, Steve Waterworth showed that Humio and Instana are designed with interoperability in mind. Once Humio is set up in Instana, a Humio button appears on pages across the Instana UI, making it easy to cycle from an alert in Instana to a log or set of logs in Humio with one click. From there, targeting a specific user or time period can lead to the root cause in seconds.

3. Humio and Instana provide flexibility for all use cases.

Whether your system is characterized by microservices or a monolith, Instana and Humio will gather all your data. Humio works with all of the most popular log shippers. Raw data from these shippers can be sent to Humio by a variety of protocols including TCP, UDP, or HTTP(S). If your system is in the cloud or self-hosted in an OS or bare metal, Humio and Instana have the flexibility to monitor it.

4. Observability in Humio and Instana comes with a competitive low price.

Humio is built on infrastructure that maximizes efficiency. Log data is compressed 10-20x, saving on data transfer, storage, and hardware costs. Built with upfront pricing, Humio has the lowest overall TCO for log management. Instana also features cost savings with no extra charges for data or users, and easy-to-predict pricing based on number of OS instances.

5. Humio and Instana have detailed alerting that doesn’t overwhelm your security response team.

Designed for speed, Instana and Humio fire alerts seconds after an event occurs. When an alert happens, Instana automatically provides root causes analysis for that alert, quickly directing users to its source and preventing a dreaded alert storm. In Instana you can see the origin of error messages in a flow chart of your application. Humio alerts are completely customizable – users can set up alerts to trigger on any metric, and can control the frequency to reduce alert fatigue. Both platforms allow users to make their lives easier by automating alerts to trigger webhooks.

To learn more about how these platforms work together to provide a detailed live streaming picture of application performance, watch the full Respond Instantly workshop.

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