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The Hoot - Episode 5 - Matt Stratton

The Hoot is always looking to expand and reach out to our community. That includes finding people who care about, engage in, research and practice in the world of observability and DevOps and SecOps. And luckily there’s no shortage of folks like that among our friends at PagerDuty.

The Hoot - Special Edition from Gartner Catalyst in San Diego

An all new podcast from your friends at Humio - this episode features Annie Henmi of the Product Education Team

The Hoot - Episode 4 - Security and Product Education with Annie Henmi

In this episode, PJ sits down with Annie Henmi, Humio's Director of Product Education. With an extensive background in security, education, documentation, and software instruction, Annie is a great resource for the community for insights on what she's learned and what she loves to share.

Humio Redefines Total Cost of Ownership and Launches TCO Estimator Tool

Quick and easy to use, the online tool enables users to estimate the costs of Humio

Humio Heads to San Diego: Gartner Catalyst Conference

One of the most important ways the Humio team can help foster the growing monitoring and analytics community is to go out into the world. With that in mind, we are heading to Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego!

Introducing The Hoot - A Podcast from Humio

An all new podcast from your friends at Humio - DevOps, SecOps, Observability, Monitoring, Logging, and Everything Else!

Routing Instana Events to Humio

Routing Instana Events to Humio | Integrating data sources with Humio and Instana allows DevOps, IT Ops and Security teams to optimise software apps.

Index-Free Logging: Are Indexes Necessary, or Simply Overhead?

Index-Free Logging & Log Management | The world of log management is ridden with woes because most solutions are based on a classical database technology: the index.

The Owl in the Enterprise - New Log Analysis Features from Humio

Humio has recently added a number of new features to its Log Management solution including High Availability, Primary/Secondary Storage, and Role Based Authentication and Access Control.

Humio at Scale in Kubernetes

As more practitioners look towards consolidating their microservices and stateful workloads, it was imperative that Humio began to understand the dynamics of running our software within Kubernetes with ingest rates at and above what our customers are doing today.

April showers bring Humio around the world!

Come say howdy, hej or hello mate at SecureWorld Houston, DevOps Days Seattle, Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo London, GOTO Chicago and more!

Studying the Logs - Humio gets an A+ from Lix

For new businesses and platforms that are constantly monitoring, analyzing, and organizing their logging data, keeping on top of those logs can be a frightful proposition, downright monstrous even. For Lix, the study platform aimed at students pursuing higher education, it was imperative that the...

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