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Delete Events and the Act of Forgetting

Logs are meant to record the running history of your system - the application and infrastructure of what you are trying to deliver. Humio enables this observability by combining information from the past and what is happening now. In the modern world, we want to retain as much information as...

Better, Faster, Resilient Software Delivery Through Limitless Logging

Remove traditional barriers to logging for full visibility into complex, distributed systems

Observability and Security - Ensuring Proactive Detection

Without a doubt, security is one of the biggest concerns in application development for the modern dev team. Many approaches have been offered on how to combat security issues and vulnerabilities, however these are often reactive. How do can development and DevOps teams be proactive?

Humio secures $9M in Series A funding from Accel to continue building live log analysis platform

Funding will help us continue to deliver the de-facto log management solution for developers, IT, and security operations teams.

Humio at Logibec: A Healthy Look at Analytics

One of the most regulated industries in the world is healthcare. Working to modernize a slow moving industry is no easy task. Luckily, Logibec is working to make healthcare perform in the modern world. The company is a major player in the Canadian healthcare IT and has been leading the...

Release Notes: November 2018

A summary of our November Release Notes

Decentralized and in the Know: Mobytronics and Humio

The world of modern application development has brought many innovations, but none so clearly seen as the concept of decentralization. Whether that be a decentralized stack using microservices, a decentralized cryptocurrency using the blockchain, or a decentralized company that works 100% remotely...

Out in the Open: DAWA Keeps Public Information Safe with Humio

When it comes to gathering public data, keeping it safe, and using it to make better public infrastructure decisions, Denmark Addresses Web API (DAWA), is leading the way with the help of Humio.

The Importance of Instant Feedback in Analytics

A feedback loop is essential for every part of the modern DevOps environment. From continuous integration and deployment to application development to infrastructure monitoring to team dynamics, feedback is the most important piece of the DevOps puzzle. But feedback is of little to zero value if it...

How we use Kafka

From a software provider’s point of view, fixing issues in an On-Prem solution is inherently problematic, and so we have strived to make the solution simple. To realize this goal, a Humio installation consists only of a single process per node running Humio itself, being dependent on Kafka running...

Humio at On the Dot: Full visibility with high-performing and flexible log management

Whether we are waiting for our food order or hoping those new loafers get to us before the important dinner tonight, same day delivery has become a major part of our shopping experiences. Luckily, the folks behind On the Dot, a service that helps retailers in the UK get their products to customers...

Integrating PagerDuty & Humio: Optimize Alerting with PagerDuty Notifications

As we’ve mentioned before, integrations are an important part of ensuring visibility into each of the systems you take advantage of. From the application layer, to the infrastructure layer, to your devops environment, Humio works to make sure observability is possible at every level.

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