Humio and Instana: Automatic Monitoring and Real-Time Logging Done Right

Instana and Humio are officially integrated to deliver best-in-class application and infrastructure alerting, logging, and reporting.

The partnership between Humio and Instana was a natural fit from the beginning. Both companies are focused on delivering a next-generation monitoring solution for organizations looking to maximize performance and availability for their users.

Humio and Instana have published this new integration to allow customers to link directly to the logs for their Instana hosts, pods, and containers in Humio.

Here are a few of the benefits of the Humio and Instana integration:

  • Logging and automatic monitoring contextualize why end-users are experiencing errors, and helps users understand the underlying cause.

  • By linking to hosts, pods, and containers in Humio, users can view logs on a more granular level.

  • Quickly understand the end-to-end flow and performance of all requests collectively or individually to isolate any performance bottlenecks.

  • Services and their endpoints are automatically discovered with zero-configuration and zero-code changes so you’ll never deploy unmonitored services again.

Later this week, look for our new podcast featuring Pavlo Baron, thought leader and CTO at Instana. He discusses pain points around observability due to distributed systems, and industry trends within software infrastructure and development, among other technology-related topics.

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