Best-of-both-worlds log management

Using Humio alongside your current solution

There is an impulse among security departments to use only one solution for log management at a time, but is that really the best option?

You don’t have to stick to one solution at a time, throwing out your old solution in order to gain the new features you need.

Humio’s low-cost fixed rates shift the paradigm, enabling users to run it alongside other solutions and stay within their budgets — while logging everything and getting answers from all their data.

Why run Humio and your current solution at the same time?

  • Logging everything gives you complete observability of your entire system

  • Helps with compliance by keeping track of all logs, and having a record of all events and transactions across your network

  • Maintain your current stack to keep what works in your system

What total observability means

Observability means being able to understand the internal state of a system from the data it provides, and being able to answer any question about what happened in the system and why.

Humio is an index-free solution that gives you observability, allowing you to log everything and answer any novel questions you may have about your system in real-time. Index-heavy solutions are good at exploring tested-and-true questions you’ve asked before, but if new questions come up that you haven’t prepared for, it’s likely you won’t have the data you need and you might not be able to answer them.

Logging everything with Humio empowers your development and security teams to be more curious and ask more questions. This makes a substantial difference while investigating incidents. Humio’s power to conduct streaming searches of your data means you can respond to crashes within minutes instead of hours, and protect your system from intruders before they do additional damage.

Humio helps with compliance

Logging everything can help you meet compliance requirements. If your system is compromised you’ll be able to see. If your system is internally compromised, it will be logged. Humio prevents cases where one person has all the access and no accountability. Humio also supports on-prem hosting, so if you’re required to keep all logs on-prem for GDPR requirements, Humio can help you meet those needs.

Humio integrates with other applications

Humio is built from the ground up and it’s also built to leverage the stability of the open-source Kafka platform. Humio’s engineers actively help guide you through the process of fitting Humio to your business needs. Humio works well with other apps including security and alerting services, and a wide variety of file shippers. While Humio may not be considered open-source, it is highly customizable. Running into an issue? Humio’s team of engineers loves a challenge, and is ready to work with you to meet your needs.

We want to help you log everything and answer anything

While transitioning to Humio is easy (Our support team readily provides how-to’s and information to keep you updated), some teams just aren’t ready to get rid of their current solution, but they are ready to get the benefits of logging everything that Humio can provide.

Download a free 30 day trial today — no credit card required. With Humio’s intuitive interface, you’ll be up and running in 20 minutes. See how easy and blazing-fast it is to explore your data with Humio, and answer new questions about your system — in the moment, and from highly-compressed historical data. Try Humio and discover how a modern log management solution can help you fully understand and augment your system.

Start your free trial now, available On Premise and Humio Cloud, or request a demo.