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June 24: Higher Education Roundtable

Building a Modern Observability Stack Workshop

See how a modern security stack featuring Humio, Garland, and Corelight reduces time to resolution

April 8th, 2020

Asking your team to use legacy tools to deal with growing volumes of data from complex distributed environments can take hours or days to resolve a single security incident.

Ever-increasing data from network traffic requires a modern stack with modern tools like Humio, Garland, and Corelight. When combined, they create observability that optimizes actionable data from network traffic in real-time.

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See all the ways Humio, Garland, and Corelight can work together to improve your security response in our Building a Modern Observability Stack workshop.

During this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Maximize the visibility of distributed environments with packet capture technology that ensures your network-based tools receive the correct data to efficiently filter and manipulate data packets.

  • Empower incident response teams with insights from network sensors that transform captured network traffic into comprehensive network logs, extracted files, and custom security data.

  • Prevent infrastructure breakdowns, protect against attacks, and allow for lightning-fast response times with a live streaming, scalable log management platform that provides the visibility needed for immediate actions and data-driven responses.

The workshop features presenters including:

  • Neil Wilkins, Technical Manager at Garland

  • Edward Smith, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Corelight

  • Ronnie Ganwani, Technical Marketing Engineer at Corelight

  • Richard Patrick, Solution Engineer at Humio

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This modern observability stack gives threat hunters the advantage of subsecond search results and alerts, and provides fine-grained information while using minimal resources.

Garland provides observability tools that monitor traffic in both self-hosted and complex cloud environments. Garland uses only 1% of CPU of all network traffic while mirroring all traffic.

Corelight adds the ability to provide actionable security data from network traffic, even if the data is encrypted. Corelight log files provide deep granularity within their log files including details such as MD5 hashes, while taking 1% the size of PCAPs.

Humio operates index-free, reducing ingest time of logs to under a second. Humio’s advanced compression makes it affordable to log everything and retain it for months longer, providing users with additional insights from historical searches.

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