Decentralized and in the Know: Mobytronics and Humio

With stability, security, and alerting, Humio helps bring the disruptive, worldwide team at Mobytronics together under one, flexible, and easy-to-use dashboard

The world of modern application development has brought many innovations, but none so clearly seen as the concept of decentralization. Whether that be a decentralized stack using microservices, a decentralized cryptocurrency using the blockchain, or a decentralized company that works 100% remotely, the idea of having everything in one place can be considered out of date.

Mobytronics is a good example. There’s no Mobytronics HQ, no smaller offices. Based in The Netherlands, the team of developers are fully remote, building diverse sets of applications like MobyTrader that allows you to trade using crypto currencies. They’re also the team behind (a micro-crypto exchanger service where users can purchase Bitcoins fast, simple and secure for up to a maximum of EUR 250 per month) and, a live cryptocurrency data feed provider with an easily integratable API.

With team members located all over the world, Mobytronics’ ideal customer are folks within the cryptocurrency space who believe in the mobile exchange. It enables their applications to exist and it helps process payment for services rendered. Mobytronics is truly working to disrupt the common working model.


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