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Digital Enterprise Journal sees Humio as emerging leader in observability

High scalability at low cost makes Humio stand out.

May 13th, 2020

In the recent research summary Technology Innovation Snapshot – Overviews of Key Vendor Briefings for April 2020, Bojan Simic reports the analysts at the Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) found Humio well positioned to become a leader in observability.

“Humio’s solution can address the variety of use cases, and its combination of cost and scale should be a no brainer for organizations that are comparing the Humio to more traditional log management tools. However, the company’s ability to provide timely and actionable insights can be a “golden ticket” that can take Humio’s growth to a new level, and position the company as a leader in the Observability space.”

DEJ found that Humio not only stood out compared to legacy log management options, but due to its competitive cost of operation, it stands to emerge as a leader among modern log management solutions.

“Also, one of the key value points of Humio is the high scalability of the company’s solution provided at a cost that is significantly lower than that of most of log management and analytics solutions in the market.”

DEJ recognizes that the key factor behind Humio’s strengths is its unique index-free design.

Humio’s solution is able to ingest the data at sub-second latency, scale up to 100’s of TB per day, and still allows organizations to have a very short time-to-insight. The key enabler of these capabilities is the company’s in-house-built database that allows organizations to perform index-free search and find information that they need very quickly.

To read the full article from DEJ, visit Technology Innovation Snapshot – Overviews of Key Vendor Briefings for April 2020.

To explore more about how Humio’s architecture can provide observability while lowering costs, see the Humio website.

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