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April 30: Setting up a modern observability stack with Garland Technology, Corelight, and Humio

Does your log management budget limit how much data you collect?

Humio offers a lot more value for a lot less money

December 13th, 2019

As the year comes to an end, thoughts often turn towards friends, family, and of course, planning and budgeting for the new calendar year.

When you look at how much you allocate to log aggregation, analysis, and storage, do you wonder if there is a better way to spend all that money and time maintaining your current system? Are you frustrated that you can’t achieve real observability of your environment because you have to limit how much data you collect? Do you compromise on how long you retain data, and how much you store long-term? If so, it’s time to explore more modern solutions to augment or replace your logging platform.

If your logging tools are more than a few years old, or if it wasn’t purpose-built for modern, distributed systems, it’s likely that you’re making concessions that limit how much data you ingest, how much you retain, and how much you store. The promise of logging everything is possible, but the cost to license, deploy, maintain, and store that much data overshadows the business value. If you’re not logging everything, you’ve probably spent more time to recover from an issue that needed because you didn’t have the right data available.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Humio is less expensive, more reliable, can handle more data, and is orders of magnitude faster than historical leaders in the field. Want to see how much you can save? Start by visiting our TCO Calculator to find out.

Humio is significantly less expensive than other log management solutions

Humio was purpose-built to take advantage of modern systems. Because of that, we can offer the lowest prices in the industry for a system that’s far less expensive to deploy and support.

Affordable plans with no hidden fees

Humio offers several options for organizations of any size. From a no-cost community-supported cloud plan to ingest-based plans for on-prem or cloud, our flat rates mean you don’t have surprise charges. And Humio allows for log volume bursts in all versions, so before charging you for surpassing your data limit, we'll contact you if your volumes have significantly increased and discuss the need to upgrade to a higher-level plan.

Save with our industry-leading Unlimited Plan

Humio was the first in our industry to come up with an Unlimited Plan. Simply pay a flat rate and collect as much data as you want. This gives organizations access to all the data they need to prepare for the unknown. With unlimited log aggregation, real-time search and exploration, and the ability to retain compressed data for longer, Humio minimizes recovery time and makes it easy to get to the root cause of unexpected issues.

When I'm able to log everything, it means that I can look at my developers and say, “go ahead, absolutely.” That's really powerful, especially because you can't ever really go back in time and add more information.”

Ryan Neal
Head of Infrastructure, Netlify

Lower infrastructure costs

Humio was designed to get the most out of your hardware. Humio breaks from tradition by ingesting data as it streams directly into a state machine in memory. Because of that, Humio uses inexpensive nodes to ingest and search data rather than requiring a complete server.

For years, the biggest resource drain on log management has been the need to index data. Because Humio is index-free, the data is ingested in real time, storage is efficient, and data exploration is much more flexible because users aren’t bound by predefined search patterns. This makes Humio significantly faster than traditional solutions, and it reduces operating costs and storage requirements.

Humio uses advanced data compression so organizations can cut hardware costs and store more data. Data is compressed 5-15x, so it can be retained longer, searched faster, and moved more efficiently to and from disk. Most users reduce their hardware needs up to 75%, making it very cost-efficient to scale to large volumes. That results in real cost savings in both on-prem and cloud solutions.

Lower maintenance costs

Humio is drop-dead reliable because it was designed from the ground-up to be a comprehensive logging tool built using the best available technology. Once deployed, it doesn’t need full-time staff keeping it running. Our users that switched from other platforms find that they spend significantly less time supporting Humio, and more time doing the real work of your organization.

“Humio provides us with a stable real-time log management tool that works and can easily manage our growing data volumes. With the Humio hosted solution, we do not need to worry about the management of the tool, and can focus on the development and delivery of our own product.”

David Højelsen
CTO, Mono Solutions

Humio is easy to deploy and manage

An all-in-one log management platform, Humio is easy to buy, install, use, and scale on premise, in a private cloud, or as a SaaS. Customers report that Humio is significantly easier and faster to deploy and manage, with tools that allow searches and dashboards to be customized for the unique needs of different functions within an organization.

Our customer support engineers help you succeed

To get things up and running or to solve issues that arise, Humio works with you to develop our software to fit your solutions. You’ll save money on the costs of maintaining an open-source solution while gaining the help of our developers.

Using an open-source stack? Humio is cheaper than free

How much does it cost to run a free open-source stack? With hefty hardware requirements and support costs needed to set up and maintain the stack, it’s easy to spend many times more than the total cost of a modern, purpose-built tool like Humio. In that sense, Humio is far less expensive to use than self-managed free-to-use open-source solutions.

“We were able to maintain the same cost structure as our ELK stack and improve retention from 7 days to 90 days. Ingestion went from 15 minutes to near real time.”

Steven Gall
VP of Engineering, M1 Finance

Case studies

A large European regulatory agency was able to reduce their hardware from three racks to four nodes, and save $99,000 a year in hardware and software licensing costs by switching to Humio. Read more about it in our TCO Report.

Mono Solutions digital marketing platform manages a vast content delivery network that serves over half a million websites. By adopting Humio they were able to run complex, real-time queries over their entire network for the first time and save money while doing so. Co-founder and CTO David Højelsen explains, “Just managing the servers for our old Elastic set-up costs more than the whole cost of using Humio.” Find out more from the Mono Solutions customer story on our website.

Humio adds value by improving results and reducing time to recovery

In addition to direct cost savings, Humio adds value to your organization by providing observability across your systems, improving access to the data in your logs, enabling better security, and reducing mean time to recovery.

Complete Observability

Humio aggregates, alerts, and visualizes streaming data in real time, so no matter what volume of data you send to Humio, data is processed instantly. This gives organizations live observability into the operations and health of their systems. Humio helps you see when something is out of the ordinary, and gives you the tools to send alerts or run a command instantly. And with blazing-fast real-time search, you’ll explore deeper and find out what’s happening sooner.

“We're able to serve our end-user better because it really impacts our uptime and our mean time to discovery. In the event of an incident going off, we're able to look in our metrics charts and see issues and problems. We see averages, percentiles, throughput rates dropping, latency spiking — things like that. And then we're able to jump through the Humio data and figure out, is that one client, is it a region? — any kind of problem.”

Ryan Neal
Head of Infrastructure, Netlify

Improved business data

Humio dashboards gives teams across your business access to the information hidden in your logs. In many cases, application logs include business information from events and transactions. Humio makes it possible to correlate business information with machine data, providing insight as they happen.

Real-time observability and searchable business data give a boost to sales teams and support teams, increasing the quality of your business. This means that more users without a technical background are able to use Humio to understand machine data and events, and quickly investigate them to gain insights that are critical in managing systems and preventing interruptions.

Share dashboards and answer questions like: How has performance changed since the latest deployment?, which database queries are the slowest?, or which IPs have tried to log into our system in the past 24 hours?

Comprehensive data exploration and faster time to recovery

Humio makes it affordable to collect and store all the data you’ll need to prepare for the unpredictable. By having more data available, it’s easier to do deep exploration and get to the root cause of problems or issues. This will significantly reduce mean time to recovery, and prevent problems from happening again.

Better threat prevention

If you omit data sources due to budget restraints, you’ll have more trouble detecting errors and it may be impossible to find the underlying issue. Without visibility to all your data, external attacks on information systems may go undetected — every minute someone is in your system is another minute they can be accessing valuable proprietary data. Humio ensures you get a complete picture by logging everything and speeding up your response time.

“Humio has proven to be an invaluable tool for us in our defensive work against security attacks. It is essential in helping us investigate potential threats to our network spanning tens of thousands of devices.”

Henrik Johansen
Security Architect

App performance feedback and debugging

High costs can be associated when applications fail, slow down the network, negatively impact to other applications, or enable security breaches. If software development teams aren’t spotting errors, it causes delays in delivering a new product or service to market, and it has a direct impact on customer satisfaction levels. Service outages cost you money. Humio shortens response times. Every minute Humio is doing its job, you save money.

“I know a lot more about my application than I did before I started using Humio. So now there are fewer errors in my application - and when there are errors they are fixed a lot faster.”

Niels Ladegaard Beck
CTO, BeScord Banking

Case studies

Netlify runs serverless hosting and an app delivery network for over 500,000 developers and organizations. They use Humio throughout their company to speed up response times and improve insight into individual users’ experiences. “Our support team and our sales team are also consumers of Humio, and they work with us and engineering to help enable them to answer questions,” explains Netlify’s Head of Infrastructure, Ryan Neal. Read more in the Netlify customer story.

M1 Finance provides financial products and services for consumers. Humio effectively saves them money by giving them a better quality of service for the same amount as their previous solution - “We were able to maintain the same cost structure as our ELK stack and improve retention from 7 days to 90 days. Ingestion went from 15 minutes to near real time,” explains Steven Gall, the VP of Engineering at M1 Finance. Read more about their experience in the M1 customer story.

Enterprise power, midmarket agility

Humio is trusted by large organizations with thousands of organizations such as Bloomberg, Microsoft, and Michigan State University. Humio meets the needs of enterprise users with high availability, the ability to work with existing authentication systems, and multitenant abilities. Humio supports systems on prem or in the cloud, along with most open-source log-shippers and logging frameworks. Humio is an agile solution that scales, from small companies logging 2 GB/day in our free cloud version to midmarket to global enterprises logging terabytes a day with our Unlimited Plan.

Getting started with Humio is easy

Try a free 30-day trial to see how Humio works. Test it side-by-side with your current solution and see how logging everything with Humio can impact your bottom line.

Start your free trial now, available Self-hosted and SaaS, or request a demo.