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Episode 27 - Bojan Simic, founder of Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ)

Observability, Enabling High-performing engineering teams, and DevOps trends

June 12th, 2020
John Porcaro

In this week’s episode, John has a conversation with industry analyst and entrepreneur Bojan Simic. He is the founder of Cognanta, Inc. and Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ).

Listen to the podcast: The Hoot - Episode 27 - Bojan Simic, founder of Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ)

Digital Enterprise Journal brings together the most advanced concepts from analyst research and media industries. Their publications are driven by ongoing survey research, and their coverage spans across all major business-to-business technologies. DEJ operates as a subsidiary of Cognanta, a research firm dedicated to helping business professionals understand the impact of technology deployments on their key goals.

DEJ recently published a Technology Innovation Snapshot where they summarize a recent briefing with Humio. In it they discuss the topic of observability, and they highlight how Humio is uniquely positioned to provide value to organizations:

“...DEJ’s upcoming study on The Value of Observability show 4 key areas where organizations are showing the most interest in deploying Observability solutions:

  1. Making more educated decisions faster;

  2. Facilitating innovation by adding more intelligence to software release cycles;

  3. Providing full visibility across complex environments at scale;

  4. Maximizing the value of Cloud deployments.

"Humio’s solution addresses each of these four areas in a unique fashion.”

Bojan and John discuss how observability provides value to organizations, and how advancements in modern log management provide real-time insights from streaming data. This is helping organizations to learn more from their processes and deliver one of the more important aspects of digital transformation: a better customer experience.

"The whole notion of digital transformation means different things to different people. If you look at all definitions they have two things in common. First, how do we use technology as a source of competitive advantage? And second, how do we do that with the customer in mind?”

They discuss an upcoming study on Enabling Top Performing Engineering Teams. Bojan explains how the study can be an important tool to explain the business value of engineering, and how enabling engineers to focus on their core skills can help an organization create a competitive advantage and move ahead in times when they may be tempted to cut budgets.

In fact, DEJ found that enabling engineering teams to focus on creating business value is becoming hugely important. Organizations in DEJ’s research are reporting a 3.1 times increase in missed revenue due to slow software delivery, since 2016. Additionally, organizations are reporting $2.2 million average estimated revenue loss per month, due to performance-related slowdowns in application release times.

“Is technology something which is an enabler, or is it actually the core of a strategy that will create a competitive advantage?”

They discuss a recent DEJ study: “19 Key Areas Shaping IT Performance Markets in 2020”. The combination of customers expecting faster applications and better digital experiences and IT’s increased understanding that both 1 and 1,000 user trouble tickets issued are an indicator of failing is driving the need for a proactive and customer-centric approach to managing IT.

The study shows a 76% increase in the number of organizations reporting that making IT data actionable as their key goal. The study also shows that the impact of improving the ability to collect more IT monitoring data on performance metrics is fairly weak. Putting monitoring data into actionable context is the key for addressing all major performance challenges, and should be a starting point for creating successful management strategies. Additionally, 64% of organizations are looking to deploy a real-time platform for processing IT data.

Listen to the conversation, and come away with a deeper appreciation for the power of data and the impact of carefully-conducted customer research

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