The Hoot - Episode 33 - Financial Services Roundtable

Audio from the July 16, 2020 roundtable with IBM, Deutsche Bank, and Stash

July 20th, 2020
John Porcaro

On July 16, Humio’s Morten Gram and IBM’s Joerg Kleine-Gung co-hosted a Financial Services Roundtable with representatives from Deutsche Bank and Stash. They offered an insider’s view into how live observability speeds up services and cuts costs for financial service providers.

Listen to the audio from the roundtable to hear the discussion.

Listen to the podcast: The Hoot - Episode 33 - Financial Services Roundtable



Topics included in the discussion:

  • Benefits of streaming observability across complex, distributed systems and applications at scale.

  • Resource planning to make the most of your budget for ITOps and security.

  • How to maintain observability in the move towards Cloud Native.

  • Best practices for implementation and maintenance of security and risk management.

  • Resources and tools to speed up financial services application delivery.

Deutsche Bank and Stash use Humio’s log management to get an accurate live picture of their systems and have a central location to diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Because there are different departments — application support is here, server support is there, network support is its own company — getting them all on one call is challenging. But we have logs so we don’t need to bring everyone in. Open the UI and in a couple of clicks you can find the source of the problem."
Evgeniy Balenko

Head of FIC DevOps/SRE Deutsche Bank

"Being able to respond and see that information in real time is great, not only for development — because you can tail that and start to work through the request and see if there are errors — but also if you’re operating an application, that information is extremely valuable because you can respond faster and a customer is not likely to be impacted."
Gavin Grisamore

VP Head of Information Security Stash

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