Examining trends in observability with the CTO of Instana, Pavlo Baron

Integration of Humio and Instana delivers enterprise-level observability.

Instana and Humio are teaming up to show you how to harness the power of automatic monitoring and real-time systems observability to quickly solve problems that impact end users. This new integration allows customers to link directly to the logs for their Instana hosts, pods, and containers in Humio.

For documentation about the integration, visit https://docs.instana.io/ecosystem/humio/.

In Humio’s latest podcast, we have a conversation with CTO of Instana Pavlo Baron. He tells us about how the modern world of software and logs is full of chaos and data disorder. He compares many available solutions to hybrid DVD/VHS players, and explains how Humio and Instana rise above the other options to provide best-in-breed observability.

Distributed Systems Require a New Set of Tools

Pavlo starts off by explaining why there are fewer and fewer experts in APM and log management.

“Human beings are always strained to understand all the implications of a simple deployment of simple software. There is no dev person anymore who knows everything about this software that is operating. It’s all distributed over the teams and people with just partial knowledge. Everything is polyglot including data storage. Everything that contributes to the high speed of delivery and takes advantage of the independence of teams results in this additional challenge that no one is an expert in the whole set.”

Managing Costs

Due to the limited nature and great cost associated with having experts available 24/7, companies are learning they need different tools to take inventory of their system and improve observability by improving the quality of their data.

“People don’t have the time, even if they have the expertise, to dig into problems over hours. Because any kind of security incident or outage needs to be addressed immediately with the highest quality to get the service back up and running. They don’t have time to deal with low-level data. They need a clear statement.“

Observability on the Rise

Pavlo notes that the need for observability is only going to increase.

“In the near future, the majority of modern software is going to be delivered as plain workloads in environments that can be run as containers. Developers — instead of playing with tech — will get back to writing business applications, and the need for observability will be high.”

So What Fixes Can Give Us More Observability?

First of all, Pavlo cautions us to beware of other all-in-one solutions which make too many demands of their users, and don’t provide an improvement in performance.

“There are so many tools out there that claim to be the single pane of glass. There used to be devices that were both DVD Players and VHS systems. You kind of get this shiny thing that cannot do both jobs perfectly that are sorta good enough. But you’re not fully satisfied. This is what the typical observability tool does. It gives you just a little bit of everything and assumes that you as a human being need to be deeply involved in making sense out of all these disconnected data sources, and bring them together.”

Humio and Instana are Different

Pavlo explains how Humio and Instana are different. Instead of a jumble of mediocre options, they are a combination of two best-of-breed software tools that were developed independently and then purposefully integrated.

“Both use cases are nailed. What we do with our integration is we marry these two worlds in a perfect semantic understanding. It’s not only integration based on the data source, it’s also integration that gives you an immediate understanding if there is a broken service, that this information has been derived from some kind of trace, here’s the logs that belong to this exact scope. Nobody else can give you this visibility —the trace scope.”

Increasing Observability Standards

The true value of Humio and Instana is how they provide the highest standard of observability, and liberate users to focus time and money on other projects.

“The highest impact is to add one important but very chaotic data source — which is logs — to our very customer oriented application. And (we) turn them into something that’s not just a plain bunch of logs… This addition on both sides lets you fulfill the expectations of observability for the customer while you focus on your own technology.”

And Making Data Easy...

On top of sheer power of handling data, Pavlov points to their ease-of-operation as another distinguishing feature.

“Humio and Instana are easy to use. We have blog posts explaining them. They are self-serve. You can visit our website and spin them up. Roll out is simple and integration is easy.”

Be prepared for the growing observability requirements of APM and modern log management by implementing Humio and Instana.

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