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Hear the Humio Synthesizer

A new way to experience the hum of your system

April 1st, 2020

Humio was founded on the idea of providing a window into what is going on in your system. With legacy hardware, that would mean listening to the whirring noises it would make. If it made a clunking sound, it would indicate a problem.

Now that engineers are no longer locked in a windowless room with their servers, we’ve lost that human-machine connection. Humio’s remarkably efficient index-free log management system reestablishes this connection by gathering all live data in an affordable way and notifying users the second something isn’t running as it should.

However, sometimes if you take your eyes off the computer for more than a couple of seconds, you may miss something vital happening in your system. That’s why the Humio Synthesizer was created.

Actually, credit goes to Søren Qvist Jensen, a software engineer working on Humio’s index-free log management platform. He created the Humio Synthesizer to make it possible to hear your logs when they enter your system - a dashboard for your ears. In time you will know what logs hit you - simply by listening.

The Humio Synthesizer:

  • Automatically creates mappings to tones based on events

  • Allows adjustments to frequency, amplitude, and sample rate for each mapping

  • Works on any repository and with any logs. Resulting events should be reduced to a few unique ones — like status codes.

  • Demo shown generates samples based on queries from humio-audit

  • Your Humio query can be used to make your own mixtape

Experience the Humio Synthesizer in action here:

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