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The Hoot - Episode 5 - Matt Stratton

An all new podcast from your friends at Humio - this episode features Annie Henmi of the Product Education Team

August 28th, 2019

The Hoot is always looking to expand and reach out to our community. That includes finding people who care about, engage in, research and practice in the world of observability and DevOps and SecOps. And luckily there’s no shortage of folks like that among our friends at PagerDuty.

Enter Episode 5 of the Hoot - with special guest Matt Stratton!

Matt joined us to talk about a few things, like where tools like PagerDuty fit into the DevOps lifecycle and where the world of observability meets the world of incident response. Matt and I were able to get into PagerDuty’s methods for when incidents occur and had a great conversation on how your logs can mean the difference when time is against you.

As host of Arrested DevOps, Matt is no stranger to being behind the microphone. He’s happy to share with the community and would be happy to see everyone at PagerDuty Summit, hence the discount for Hoot listeners (use code PDS19SAT) September 23rd through 25th in San Francisco!

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