The Hoot - Episode 6 - Security and Bad Code with Jeff Reich of Innove

An all new podcast from your friends at Humio - this episode features special guest, Jeff Reich of Innove

We're back with Episode 6 of The Hoot!

For our latest episode of The Hoot, we reached out to find some great information on SecOps and Security. There is no better place to find that information than one of the foremost minds on Security, Jeff Reich of Innove.

We talk about Security not in fact being job one (unless you are building security tools) and the truth about how everyone understands two-factor authentication. Jeff shares some stories from the trenches, where he has been focusing on security in the public, private, and government sectors for over forty years.

One of the main points Jeff and PJ discuss is the value of good architecture and how it has an effect on the software we build. Simple ideas like input validation are considered old hat to programmers, but in the eyes of security experts, there are few things that are more important.

The Hoot is available here. Come give the episode a listen, and see what can be learned about our perceptions of security and what the real stories are behind the headlines.

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