The Hoot - Episode 7 - Index-free Logging With Greg Burd

The Hoot Podcast - Why Index-free Logging is essential to modern log management

A conversation with Greg Burd, Humio Principal Software Engineer

The Hoot: Episode 7 - Index-free Logging with Greg Burd

This episode we sit down with Greg Burd, Humio’s Principal Software Engineer, to discuss one of our favorite topics: Index-free Logging. We touch on many of the questions people have when considering a modern logging solution like Humio, and how Index-free is changing the game.

Kresten Krab Thorup, Humio CTO describes Index-free Logging as a powerful movement in the modern monitoring solutions industry. Greg discusses how log storage began essentially as a database, then expands on the idea of logs and the nature of queries. He explains how the value of logs changes depending on how they’re used for historic data or for real-time information, and how that affects the ability to predict behavior in applications and infrastructure.

Index-free logging is part of Cloud Native concepts many organizations are adopting today. Join us and hear Greg’s insights on the true value on Index free Logging, and learn how Humio is pushing this movement forward.

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