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How Does Unlimited Log Management Work?

Observability changes DevOps and Security culture by improving threat detection, speeding up incident response, and uncovering anomalies.

June 10th, 2020

Unlimited log management means collecting all log data from all equipment in a system and bringing it to one central place where it can be stored and searched.

For large organizations that are generating dozens of terabytes of data a day or more, such as enterprises, higher education institutions, and government agencies, participating in unlimited log management was prohibitively expensive until Humio introduced the first log management unlimited license plan. Now it’s affordable for companies to log everything, regardless of how big their system is.

The benefits of logging everything

  • Prepares users to answer unknown future questions

  • Provides observability which aids debugging and security analysis

  • Enables threat detection of malware and applications that were previously unnoticed

  • Allows users to find new value in system information by ad hoc searching

  • Improves incident response by reducing mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR)

  • Increases the likelihood of finding the root cause of an incident and anomalies

  • Provides complete picture for compliance

How does an Unlimited License Plan work?

Users pay a fixed rate for their license fees - they don’t have to ever worry about going over budget or having to upgrade their license. To add more bandwidth, they just need to add more hardware to support incoming data. And because Humio’s log management operates on principles of maximum mechanical sympathy, scaling up comes with minimal added cost.

Because Humio uses 10-20x data compression, the amount of hardware that needs to be added to process and store additional data is significantly lower than other log management solutions. A large European agency that is logging everything went from using 3 full racks on their previous solution to just 4 Humio nodes. SpareBank 1 switched to Humio and uses 80% less infrastructure while logging everything.

For organizations with smaller data loads, instead of getting an unlimited license, they can select from a plan with a fixed daily ingest amount that decreases their cost of operation while still providing sufficient capacity to log everything.

How does Humio provide these benefits?

Humio was designed from the ground up to be optimized for unlimited log management. Its index-free time-series database structure reduces the amount of processing data goes through before it is stored. Compared with other logging options that spend time and resources indexing data, Humio processes streaming data in hundreds of milliseconds and makes it available for real-time searches and dashboard updates.

Learn more about unlimited log management

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