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Humio accelerates its momentum with extended collaboration with IBM

Humio delivers streaming observability at scale to more customers around the globe with integration with IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

May 19th, 2020

Humio is pleased to announce that we signed an agreement with IBM to make the Humio log management platform available as part of the IBM Multicloud Management Pak.

Humio, the only log management platform enabling complete observability for all streaming logs in real time, self-hosted or in the cloud, today announced the signing of an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement with IBM that will allow the companies to collaborate on solutions that can help clients continually ingest data across their infrastructure, and help identify a variety of problems from application service down-time to cyberattacks.

“One of the most interesting aspects of Humio I found was its unique architecture that allowed it to be very high performant and scale to enterprise needs. So that got me more interested in learning about Humio and its capabilities and how to actually work with our enterprise clients, both who are on the cloud and on premises.”
Pratik Gupta

IBM CTO, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

The Hoot podcast: IBM and Humio with Pratik Gupta and Morten Gram (May 19, 2020)

The agreement enables IBM and Humio to create solutions that combine Humio’s log management platform with IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. Humio minimizes the challenge of sifting through the rapidly, ever-growing volume of event and data logs by enabling users to log all data — structured or unstructured — in real time and at scale. As a result, IBM will offer clients a suite of products to provide complete data observability and management.

Keeping up with today’s complex environments can overwhelm even well-staffed IT teams, especially since traditional log management tools present significant incremental costs, data storage problems, and search challenges. Customers leveraging Humio’s platform through IBM will have access to its additional support services including but not limited to global IT support, implementation services, predictive analytics, system developers, augmented reality, multi-vendor processing, and a single point of contact interface.

"Observability is critical for organizations of all sizes, and we are thrilled to join IBM in helping businesses to gain instant visibility of all of their data at scale through our unlimited pricing plan that removes the single biggest barrier to effective log management. The collaboration with IBM further validates Humio’s technology and allows us to quickly expand our global reach to provide even more customers with our modern log management platform."
Morten Gram

Humio Executive Vice President

With this first OEM relationship, Humio can further increase its market share and more quickly deliver its platform to more customers across the globe. IBM plans to go to market with Humio’s platform directly.

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