Humio and IBM create real-time observability in IBM Cloud environments

Growing while adding support for edge computing, AI, and cloud technologies

July 31st, 2020

Join Humio and IBM for a workshop on August 10: Optimize business operations and enhance end-user experiences with IBM and Humio

Last November, Humio and IBM started working together to provide real-time observability into IBM environments.

The collaboration began when Humio was included as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. As part of the Cloud Pak, Humio collects data from multiple cloud sources. This allows users to detect errors and monitor performance through easy-to-configure dashboards and visualizations, making it a vital observability tool. This data can then get interpreted using IBM’s golden signals analysis method to create predictive and actionable insights into future system performance, and correct errors before they have far-reaching consequences.

"As they enter the next chapter of the cloud journey, businesses want a hybrid multicloud approach so they can manage their entire IT infrastructure, on and off-premises and across different clouds in a way that is simple, consistent and integrated."

Evaristus Mainsah, General Manager of IBM Cloud Pak Ecosystem at IBM

The IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management running on Red Hat OpenShift is an application-centric, AI-driven IT management platform designed to provide full visibility and control into cloud-hosted services.

The benefits of using the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management include:

  • Providing tools and capabilities to infuse AI across the IT operations toolchain.

  • Supplying insights to automate time-consuming management tasks.

  • Enabling SRE and IT operations to remotely manage the entire development, security, and operations pipelines from a single control plane.

  • Conforming to security compliance standards by providing a traceable security.dashboard, without giving users direct access to servers.

  • Adding automation which delivers the operational efficiency and application resiliency.necessary to ensure business continuity and continuous innovation.

IBM Edge Ecosystem OEM Agreement

This May, the relationship deepened with IBM including Humio in their IBM Edge ecosystem. Humio collects machine data from edge devices, gateways, and servers to monitor the health of the entire infrastructure, detect security incidences, and reveal insights into the customer experience.

As part of the move, Humio entered into an OEM agreement to further expand how IBM shares Humio worldwide.

"Trifork operates more than 250,000 edge devices in a battlefield with IT security threads, OTA firmware updates and network infrastructure changes. We use Humio as the central component to monitor all edge devices and servers. The platform’s capabilities to drill down in data reduces the time from issue detection to solution minimizing the impact of cyberattack or unforeseen changes in network infrastructure."

Søren Eskildsen, CCO of IoT of Trifork

What’s new?

IBM continues to work with Humio and is now getting involved with hosting workshops which share how to deploy Humio on the IBM Cloud. IBM took part in our Financial Services Roundtable and produced podcasts exploring how Humio and IBM can work together to improve observability for fintech and banks.

Get the latest look into Humio’s role in automating a response to log and event data in the IBM Cloud ecosystem at the Optimize business operations and enhance end-user experiences with IBM and Humio workshop with Mike Mallo, Technical Offering Management Lead for the IBM Cloud Pak for MulticCloud Management, and Craig Vitter, Humio’s Global Head of Pre-Sales.

Join the workshop to learn about:

  • The IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

  • How IBM and Humio collaborate to deliver a solution that enables organizations to log all of their data, structured or unstructured, in real time and at scale.

  • How to leverage Humio’s live metrics and log data to improve ITOps efficiency across business applications, virtualized servers, network devices and protocols, internet protocols, and security and storage devices.

  • Humio’s unique data compression that enables logging at scale while requiring much less hardware than other platforms.

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