Humio at Lunar Way: Log Management for a Kubernetes & Cloud Native Environment

While the technology world moves pretty fast, there are still institutions lagging behind in the move to the modern. Lunar Way looks to handle one of these institutions, the banking industry, and bring things forward into the 21st Century.

The NoSQL of Log Management

When Lunar Way began their journey, they started with a simple Elasticsearch and Kibana setup in AWS. Initially, the logs were small, so this was easy. As time passed and the products became more diverse and more complex, issues began to surface with usability, compatibility, and the day-to-day usefulness. The Elastic Query Language was a problem and Kibana seemed to always come with difficulties. It was obvious a change had to happen.

With half a year of experience running #humio in production with @lunarway, we can only recommend anyone @KubeCon_ caring about their logs to seize this opportunity.

— Thomas Bøgh Fangel (@tbfangel)


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