Humio at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum

Morten Gram shares thoughts on security in the invitation-only conference for midmarket IT executives and solution providers.

Security was on the minds of the executives attending the MIDMRKT CIO Forum earlier this week in Tucson. Keynote speaker Candy Alexander focused on the top 5 things every CIO should know about security. Candy emphasized the importance of CIOs taking greater responsibility for security in mid-market organizations. To read more about her recommended best practices, seek out her guide to cybersecurity leadership.

Morten Gram, Humio EVP of Sales, Marketing, and Channel added to the security conversation by explaining Humio’s role in security for mid-market companies. He hosted two boardroom presentations to discuss how real-time observability helps mitigate unknown risks. By logging everything, Humio increases the observability of your system, and allows companies to notice breaches and threats earlier and respond more precisely.

Morten Gram explaining Humio’s role in security for mid-market companies

The implications of increased observability are game-changing. One visitor to our booth saw how fast Humio’s queries are, and exclaimed, “my mind is blown!” Another audience member expressed appreciation of Humio’s power over his previous logging solution saying, “It’s easy – you can do a lot more for a lot less.” Find out how much less you could be spending by visiting our pricing page.

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