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April 30: Setting up a modern observability stack with Garland Technology, Corelight, and Humio

Humio at RSA 2020

Up-level your security by combining affordable streaming data with monitoring

February 21st, 2020

Humio is coming to the 2020 RSA Conference! We’ll be at booth 2256 in the South Expo Hall. Come visit us, speak to our on-hand engineers, and learn about how Humio’s purpose-built index-free log management platform improves security with affordable, unlimited logging.

Get hooked up

At our booth we’ll have Humio swag, daily raffles for AirPods Pro, and we’ll be right next to the relaxation lounge where you can get a free chair massage. Make an appointment next door for a massage, then come over to our booth and find out how Humio’s real-time streaming search can put your security worries at ease.

See our speakers

All week we will have a range of security presentations and demos by Humio partners and customers to show how Humio’s real-time streaming architecture improves the speed of other security systems and enables observability. Our talks feature security experts on everything from alerting to automation and network monitoring.

RSA Conference 2020 - Tuesday schedule

Tuesday, February 25th

10 am to 6 pm – Visit us and learn about Humio all-day at booth 2256 in the South Expo Hall.

10 am and 1 pm – Join our partners at Garland and Corelight as they show how they use Humio’s streaming data services to maintain total network visibility and observability. Garland uses TAP hardware to monitor packet information, ensuring no information is lost at the packet level while traveling in your network. Corelight extracts data from that hardware to generate security insights. Humio takes all incoming data and makes it available in a split-second search. Speakers include Ed Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Corelight.

11 am – The President and CEO of Vijilan, Kevin Nejad, shares what it’s like to be a Humio customer and a supplier of security services. He'll explain how Humio’s increased efficiencies have cascading effects on the SOC security monitoring services they provide their customers.

Noon – The Founder of Tines, Eoin Hinchy, introduces how Tines integrates SOAR with Humio using security automation. As one of our newest partners, Tines leverages Humio’s high throughput of data in detecting threats among high-risk events for enterprise clients.

2 pm – PagerDuty’s Principal Security Engineer Kevin Babcock explains how PagerDuty takes real-time streaming data from Humio and provides alerts that integrate across all platforms, decreasing mean time to resolution.

RSA Conference 2020 - Wednesday schedule

Wednesday, February 26th

10 am to 6 pm – Visit us all day in booth 2256 in the South Expo Hall.

10 am and 1 pm – Garland, Corelight, and Humio present their comprehensive security integration to monitor traffic, packets, and logs on your network. Speakers include Sales Engineering Manager James Schweitzer and Sales Engineer Richard Harlan from Corelight.

3 pm – Vijilan shares their customer story as a user that scales Humio’s efficiency to offer security monitoring services.

RSA Conference 2020 - Thursday schedule

Thursday, February 27th

10 am to 3 pm – Visit us in booth 2256 in the South Expo Hall from when the show opens to when it closes.

1 pm – Garland and Corelight return to our booth to explain how they integrate with Humio to improve network monitoring. Speakers include Corelight’s Sales Engineer Gary Fisk.

Can’t make it to RSA?

If you can’t make it to RSA to hear about how Humio’s index-free logging provides a streaming data backbone for security solutions, check out content related to our guest speakers by reading these blog posts:

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