Humio Heads to SRECon EMEA - October 2nd - 4th

PJ Hagerty

The roots of Site Reliability Experts lies in the ability to observe and monitor what exists in a system: infrastructure, code, and all the parts that make a team’s application unique. SRE’s work to ensure everything is stable and remains that way, through incident thick and thin.

Humio is a part of the SRE’s toolbelt and to celebrate that vaunted position, we are heading to SRECon EMEA in Dublin Ireland, October 2nd to the 4th. Stop by our booth, number 407, to discuss how Humio can become part of your toolbelt, how observability effects all parts of the DevOps ecosystem, and to learn what’s coming from our team to improve the lives of your team.

Geeta Schmidt and Kresten Thorup will be there to share insights, hear about your incident response expertise, and talk about the things that make Humio unique to SRE’s working to ensure their systems remain resilient. Be sure to check out what Humio has to offer, and come to share your stories, whether you are new to the SRE field or a seasoned practitioner looking for the best in tooling.

Site Reliability Experts are the key to success in today’s modern infrastructure. Join us at SRECon to learn and celebrate one of the toughest positions in the modern tech company team structure.

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