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April 30: Setting up a modern observability stack with Garland Technology, Corelight, and Humio

Humio delivers seamless access to live and archived data with bucket storage

Bucket storage adds flexibility and saves on storage costs

February 25th, 2020

Today at RSA in San Francisco, we issued a press release to announce that we are adding the option to use cloud-based bucket storage for persistent data, making Humio easier to use and even less expensive to manage. In addition, we announced that Humio Cloud is available through AWS hosted in the United States.

Bucket Storage

Humio supports bucket storage designed for streaming data from major cloud providers, as well as on-premise providers including Customers searching retained data — even from years ago — can achieve results in seconds, without re-ingesting. Cloud deployments of Humio are now even cheaper, faster, and easier to run by using Bucket Storage as the primary storage. This enables infinite retention, for storing more events than was practical with local disks.

“At Humio, we believe that all data is live data and the amount of data collected should never be limited. Humio now uses our new bucket storage as the primary storage, removing the boundaries between live data and archiving data. Our modern, index-free architecture combined with our high compression of data requires no re-ingesting or hydrating for customers to achieve 100% real-time observability on premise or in the cloud. And our scalability goes beyond just log ingestion by enabling users to increase data storage beyond petabytes. With 5-15x compression and the low cost of bucket storage, we are decreasing storage costs for our customers.”

Morten Gram,
Humio EVP

Bucket storage description.

Humio bucket storage provides significant benefits:

  • Makes cloud deployments of Humio cheaper, faster, and easier to run.

  • Enables recovery from the loss of multiple Humio nodes without any data loss.

  • Keeps more events than the local disks can hold, enabling infinite retention.

  • New nodes can join the cluster starting from configuration, Kafka, and bucket storage.

Bucket storage replaces the need to run Humio with any persistent disks, and replaces all functionality in the previous backup system. To keep the data secure, the copies in the bucket are encrypted by Humio using AES-256 while being uploaded. Bucket storage is only available in version 1.7.0 and above.

In addition, we are pleased to partner with to provide additional options for bucket storage.

“We are excited to offer our users increasing scalability through Humio’s Bucket Storage capabilities. Buckets storage drives efficiency by making deployments significantly less expensive and removes the concerns around storing large volumes of data.”

Garima Kapoor, Co-founder

See more about using Bucket Storage in the Humio Documentation: Bucket Storage

Humio Cloud introduces a US region

Humio also announced today that in addition to the Humio Cloud European region, a United States region is now available. The US region is hosted on AWS.

For more information about Humio Cloud’s US region, contact us at

Find out more about all new features announced recently in a podcast interview with Christian Hvitved and Anders Jensen: The Hoot - Episode 17 - Humio Engineering: Christian Hvitved and Anders Jensen.

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