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Humio in Higher Education

Facilitating streaming observability in colleges, universities, and other education institutions

June 8th, 2020
Morten Gram

We consistently ran into licensing issues and volume pricing discounts were insufficient with our previous solution, so we actively reviewed products in the SIEM/Log aggregation space and determined Humio was the ideal replacement. We were able to fully deploy Humio and completely replace our previous solution in under two weeks.

Chief Information Officer

Michigan State University

As data loads increase, higher education organizations are discovering that their current log management tools are inadequate to meet their growth needs. As log volumes grow, so does financial pressure on security teams who want to log everything in their system. Oftentimes the result is leaders choosing to limit which logs they capture, sacrificing the ability to see all events in their system, and also their ability to search historical data and find the answer to novel questions.

Institutions that deploy Humio do not have this problem. The Humio log management tool reduces budgetary pressure by:

  • Compressing data by 10-20x, reducing hardware costs

  • Requiring little to no maintenance, reducing operational costs

  • Offering a low-cost, unlimited ingest plan that is fixed based on data intake.

I looked at many different systems as part of an evaluation, and in the end, I felt that Humio provided the best combination of cost and features/benefits. What appealed to me with Humio is the flexibility of the query language, and how you could get it to do almost anything that you wanted.

Director of Systems Administration

Kutztown University
With Humio's unlimited license, we no longer have holes in our aggregate data, can create role-based views for data within repositories, and are provided improved incident response including alerting, identification, and remediation.

Chief Information Officer

Michigan State University

Humio’s live streaming results easily scale up, working at universities that are ingesting dozens of TB/day. Humio not only modernizes existing logging solutions, but it is engineered to meet the logging needs for the foreseeable future, even as data loads multiply each year.

Previously we were only able to ingest 500 GB a day, and with Humio we are already ingesting almost 1 TB a day with plans to potentially expand to 2 TB in the next 6 months.

Incident Response Lead

Michigan State University

While many of our higher education customers initially adopt Humio as an incident response tool, they quickly find that its unlimited aggregation of all data makes it an invaluable resource for other use cases. Live streaming data gives IT and security professionals a complete set of system performance data they can explore.

Like Victor Frankenstein, Humio took the dead piles that were our previous logging data and brought them into the world of the living. Unlike Frankenstein’s creation, what Humio brings to life is beautiful.

Chief Technology Officer


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