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April 30: Setting up a modern observability stack with Garland Technology, Corelight, and Humio

Humio offers industry-leading performance at the lowest TCO

Save 50% or more while streaming 100 TB/day on only 25 nodes.

February 27th, 2020

Humio established a high-performance standard last May when they logged 100 TB of data a day on only 25 nodes. Impressive performance, but what does it mean for your bottom line?

  • It means lower total costs because with Humio’s proven levels of efficiency, you are able to reduce the number of servers you need to store, process, and search your data logs.

  • It means getting rid of the cost of maintaining a self-managed log stack, so you can spend time and staffing resources elsewhere.

  • It means having the budget for observability. Humio enables companies who previously couldn’t log everything due to budgetary restraints to take control of all of their data, store all of it, and search all of it.

  • It means gaining affordable scalability. With Humio, organizations have the resources to build a future-ready system right now.

Humio users enjoy these savings whether they’re running a cloud-native environment or using on-premise servers, whether they’re an enterprise client logging dozens of terabytes, or a smaller startup looking for a way to monitor the performance and security of their network, hardware, and apps. To get a better idea of Humio’s impact, let’s examine how it lowers costs.

The ways Humio lowers cost

With its real-time search, expanded storage, and stability features, some may expect Humio’s increased performance will cost more. Actually, using Humio decreases costs because it has low fixed-rate license fees and requires a lot less hardware and less staff dedicated to maintenance.

Lower hardware costs

By decreasing file sizes through advanced compression, Humio decreases the load on the CPUs, meaning organizations can operate at the same capacity with much less equipment to buy, upgrade, and maintain.

Lower staff costs

Humio ends up costing organizations less than other solutions because it doesn’t require staff on hand to manage the stack.

Lower license fees

Humio has flat-rate fees that are significantly less than other log solutions. For on-prem customers, Humio provides an Unlimited Plan that lets users bring in as much data as they want. To get more data, organizations only need to pay more for their own servers and storage, not for additional license fees.

How does Humio achieve such results?

We built a modern index-free log management solution from the ground up. It is designed to leverage hardware resources to their maximum potential by keeping as much data in memory as long as possible through compression and segmentation. This reduces the load on the CPU when data is stored or retrieved for a search, and delivers blazing-fast results.

A look at use cases

Humio was originally built as a solution for a large European regulatory agency that was drowning under the weight of its own data. It was designed to manage dozens of terabytes at a time with the capacity to easily expand to support future growth. Because of this, Humio is an ideal out-of-the-box tool for enterprise-level clients looking to upgrade their log management from a traditional solution that doesn’t meet their needs. Here are some clients who saved money and time using Humio.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University instantly doubled their ingestion rate – to 1 TB/day, with plans to go to 2 TB/day. Find out more by reading the Michigan State University case study.

SpareBank 1

SpareBank 1 moved from ingesting 1 TB/day to 10 TB/day while reducing cost,and eliminating the need for full-time staff to manage their logging solution. Find out more by reading the SpareBank 1 case study.

A large European regulatory agency

Our original customer reduced their hardware and software licensing costs by more than $115,000 per year. They reduced their hardware from three full racks to just four Humio nodes.

Take a deeper look

To get a more in-depth look at how exactly each saved money, read our report: Humio Redefines Log Management TCO.

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