Humio’s new Integrations page makes it easier to get up and running

It’s easier than ever to integrate your cloud solutions with the Humio log management

Thomas Anagrius

Humio’s new Integrations page makes it quick and easy for cloud native enthusiasts to discover how to integrate products and solutions with Humio. Visit the new page for technical details on integrating with your stack or platform.

Humio Integrations

Humio works with any log format, and can be deployed on most infrastructures — be it cloud or on-prem. The new Integrations page helps users figure out how to configure Log Shippers, set up incident management, or deploy on their preferred platform. Search for integrations by name, or select tags to filter the list.

Watch Humio developer, Thomas Anagrius, walk through some of the key features in this short video.

Humio wants to make integrating with our product an easy experience. If you have questions or comments, please visit our Slack channel.

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