Introducing Organizations and Multitenancy for Humio SaaS

September 3rd, 2020

Jacob Just and Fredrik W. Løkke

Expanding beyond the multitenancy of Humio’s self-hosted solution, we’ve recently released a new multitenant solution for Humio SaaS to enable organizations to get a richer feature set. This enables us to give our users a more unified experience across both our self-hosted Humio and Humio SaaS solutions.

We are now able to provide the following for cloud customers:

  • Enterprise Login (SSO) using SAML with providers like Okta, Azure AD, Auth0, or any standard SAML provider.

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and group membership synchronization.

  • Get a total overview of the organization, including audit logs, metrics, user management, and usage.

Multitenancy for our SaaS product has been under development for about eight months. We released the first version early this year, starting out by creating a test environment model on the cloud that would not affect our users. We gathered many logs using this model, and observed how it ran and what potential issues we might see in production. We learned a lot by using Humio to monitor the first versions of this model.

After releasing the multitenant part of Humio, we’ve continued logging and monitoring the model. With a good collection of alerts, detailed dashboards, and comprehensive logging, we have a way to keep monitoring the feature and keep it running.

All Cloud customers are now running on the new multitenant model. Several Cloud customers have been set up to use the SSO feature based on SAML, and have activated RBAC. Please contact us if you like to get your Humio Cloud setup to use SSO. In upcoming versions of Humio Cloud customers can configure their Cloud to use SSO themselves.