Introducing The Hoot - A Podcast from Humio

An all new podcast from your friends at Humio - DevOps, SecOps, Observability, Monitoring, Logging, and Everything Else!

Here at Humio, we enjoy getting out and talking to people where ever we go. Over the last few months, we've been considering how we can do that on a regular basis and keep us all updated on what we are hearing and seeing in the community.

Enter The Hoot - the Humio Podcast!

We plan to sit down a few times a month with people involved in the things the community is interested in. We’ll start with folks from Humio, and we’ll include community leaders, customers, partners, and practitioners to discuss what’s new in observability, DevOps, Security, monitoring, technology, experiments, and what we are all doing to make a better experience for users, both of Humio and the in the ecosystem in general.

We started by releasing three episodes at once!

In episode one, our host, Humio Developer Advocate PJ Hagerty, sat down with CEO Geeta Schmidt to talk about what Observability means and how, although perceived as a solved problem, logging and monitoring can be improved if we focus on what people really need.

Episode two finds PJ sitting down with Kresten Krab Thorup, founder and CTO of Humio and hardcore developer and computer science experimenter extraordinaire. We chat about time series databases, the basis of building Humio’s brain. We take a look at why certain decisions are made when building software and what it means to the people at the other end.

Our final premiere episode finds us with engineer and experimenter Grant Schofield. Grant talks about his attempt to run 100TB of data through the cloud, what it took to get things in place, and how the success of the experiment made us realize the power of Humio in the cloud.

We plan many future episodes and look forward to speaking with such folks as Matt Stratton of PagerDuty and the folks at CoreLight. Tune in to find out where PJ might be next and what we’re Hooting about.

To listen, The Hoot is available here. We can also be found on Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play, iTunes, and just about anywhere you get your latest podcasts. Subscribe to any of these services to ensure you get current episodes and the latest ones as they are released.)

We'd love to know what you think and to get ideas for future episodes! Contact PJ to share and show you give a hoot!

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