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April 30: Setting up a modern observability stack with Garland Technology, Corelight, and Humio

Join Humio CTO Kresten Krab Thorup for a webinar: How index-free architecture modernizes log management

March 16th, 2020

How index-free architecture modernizes log management

In this webinar, you will learn how Index-free technology transforms log management by ingesting streaming data, and updating queries, dashboards, and alerts in real time. It enables highly-efficient data storage, and performs blazing-fast searches.

During this webinar, Kresten will discuss:

  • Why a new approach to log management was needed.

  • How mechanical sympathy drives innovation and increases performance.

  • How streaming technology and distributed environments change the dev landscape.

  • How brute-force search outperforms traditional indexed systems.

  • What modern features and capabilities to expect from log management.

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