Join Humio CTO Kresten Krab Thorup for a video demo of Humio

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May 29th, 2020

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Humio CTO Kresten Krab Thorup demo

Humio CTO Kresten Krab Thorup recently recorded a video demo of Humio. Take a look as he shows what streaming live data looks like in Humio.

In this demo, you’ll see:

  • The Humio interface

  • Working with live streaming log data and metrics

  • Examples of the simple yet powerful search language

  • How dashboards shows what’s happening in the system

  • How incremental updates to the state of queries are updated in real time

  • Examples of graphs, charts, and other customer widgets running in production

  • How Index-free technology offers the freedom to search on any structured or unstructured data

“You can see how this data is actually live. You see these graphs are updating with their live view. The way is super efficient — as data is being pushed into Humio, it’s doing an incremental update to the underlying dataset.”

Live data has the potential to revolutionize security, app monitoring, and DevOps use cases. It enables split-second alerting, real-time search feedback loops, and informed investigation into root causes. Because Humio is built with index-free technology, live data speeds to users in an optimized, efficient way. Searches can be conducted on any data after it has been captured.

“The whole system is index-free logging. You don’t need to set up schemas upfront, it can search anything. You can define properties as part of your queries. Anywhere in these log lines there can be valuable information. That’s the power of index-free logging.“

This demo is just the start of exploring the use cases live data can generate.

Download a free 30-day trial, or request a free live demo to see how Humio can help your organization.

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