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Humio and IBM co-host a panel discussion with tech professionals from customers at Deutsche Bank and Stash

July 1st, 2020
Geeta Schmidt

I’d like to invite you to join me in our upcoming Financial Services Roundtable on July 16. I’ll be co-hosting with Joerg Kleine-Gung, IBM CTO of Integrated Account Team Deutsche Bank. Together with IT and security professionals from Deutsche Bank and Stash, we will discuss the benefits of streaming observability across complex, distributed systems in the financial services industry. Reserve your spot to hear how modern log management provides business-wide insights, reduces maintenance and storage costs, and enhances the customer experience.

I’m looking forward to hearing the thoughts of my co-host and of our panelists on how to maintain visibility of networks, apps, and microservices across distributed environments, and how that can enhance the experience of their customers. We’ll discuss the unique data security and compliance requirements of financial institutions, and how AI can help to protect the network, and maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of financial data.

Organizations of all sizes face challenges in today’s marketplace. Large financial service organizations are dealing with rapidly growing data volumes and escalating customer expectations. Large companies have to manage siloed data from outdated legacy systems that were never intended to be shared. Security teams struggle to keep a widening surface prepared for threats from increasingly clever attackers. And access policies and regulatory compliance makes it hard to evolve and adapt to the shifting landscape.

Humio customers in financial services and fintech

We work with some of the biggest financial services companies, and with the most innovative fintech companies. They use Humio to monitor IT operations, speed application delivery, keep data secure, get insight from operations and business processes, and enhance customer support. They rely on Humio to keep their systems running smoothly, and they appreciate its modern, index-free approach.

Hear what some of our financial services and fintech customers have shared with us.


Lunar is a 100% digital bank that makes it easy for 150,000 users to have full control of their personal finances.

SpareBank 1

SpareBank 1 is an alliance of 14 different savings banks that provide financial products and services to individuals and companies.

“With Humio, we feel we are unlimited and unconstrained with our logging capabilities. We went from running 1 TB with our previous solution to now ingesting up to 10 TB a day, while reducing hardware from 80 servers to only 14, all with better performance and lower overall costs.”
Roman Kovalenko

Product Manager at SpareBank 1

Customer story
“The trial was going to run out, but Support didn’t want us to take Humio away. They were sold on it. They were far more productive on Humio than they ever were on Elasticsearch and Kibana. That answered that.”
Steven Williamson

Ops team Lead at Freeagent

Customer story
“We were able to maintain the same cost structure as our ELK stack and improve retention from 7 days to 90 days. Ingestion went from 15 minutes to near real time.”
Steven Gall

VP of Engineering at M1 Finance

Customer story
“There are a lot of use cases — everything from support asking day-to-day questions to running reports, looking for trends, pattern matching, and alerting. It’s been quite transformative!”
Steven Gall

VP of Engineering at M1 Finance

Customer story
"The query language and speed of Humio compared to searching logs in Kibana is crazy! Much better experience in my opinion, and makes investigating and caring about logs so much easier."
Kasper Nissen

DevOps Engineer at Lunar

Customer story
"Humio is the NoSQL of log management. We miss less in our logs because a schema does not exclude it."
Bjørn Sørensen

Web Architect at Lunar

Customer story

Log everything to answer anything

By logging all of their data, enterprises such as banks and financial services providers are able to gather answers and insights, and better support customers. Learn more about how modern log management can better support your organization by participating in our Financial Services Roundtable.

Send your suggestions

I’d like to have your input as we prepare for the event. What specific topics and questions do you want us to address during the discussion. You can share your thoughts when you register for the roundtable. We’ll get to as many questions as we can during the live event, and we will follow up for those we don’t answer.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Financial Services Roundtable

Thursday, July 16th

7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST

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