Better, Faster, Resilient Software Delivery Through Limitless Logging

Remove traditional barriers to logging for full visibility into complex, distributed systems

The tech industry’s goal of delivering better, faster and more resilient software is engaging developers to care about the quality of their code in production and in the hands of end users. On the operations front, teams strive to deliver better, faster, and more stable infrastructure which has fueled rapid adoption of modern approaches to running software, to include — development of multi-cloud environments, deployment of microservices, continuous delivery, distributed computing, high availability, failover strategies, containers, and automation capabilities just to name a few. Improvements are being pushed from all directions, from all parts of an organization to build and maintain competitive advantages and provide more value to their customers with their software-led business services.

The result of this obsession of delivering better, faster, resilient software is leading the digital infrastructure transformation we all find ourselves in. The impact this transformation is that we are creating complex, modern systems that are producing a fire hose of log data and developer and operations teams are struggling to handle and gain value from volumes being generated. Log data can be defined as the “truth” or record of what is happening in any and all elements of your system, application, device, network, and more. So it is extremely useful information providing valuable clues and context in daily debugging, troubleshooting, historical search scenarios.

Limits of legacy logging solutions constrain organizations today. Engineers worry about how much data is ingested because of volume based pricing and/or scalability at the ingest level. Massive log data volumes and the growing cost and resources required to handle and effectively search data has driven engineers to avoid log management in favor of other techniques such as metrics and tracing for observability which are useful tools but only provide “partial visibility” to your system.

A modern logging solution would provide a central place for all relevant log data with powerful on-the fly, real-time analysis capabilities would provide a holistic view of information to best understand the overall health of a complex system. Imagine a world where you:

  • Have an all-you-can-log solution — where all your relevant data can be easily sent to one place, without the concerns of scalability and rising resource and licensing costs.

  • Interact with your data in milliseconds with real-time dashboards and ask ad-hoc questions for instant visibility.

  • Can send your data directly from Kafka to a real-time analysis solution to understand data streams effectively.

  • Query with ease, in a familiar, simple filter - like syntax so all the developers and operations engineers on your team can use it.

  • Can stop worrying about sampling data, and use your valuable time to interact with the logs you need when you are managing incidents and troubleshooting.

  • Run where you want - in the cloud, on-prem, in your own environment - you choose.

  • Efficiently retain log data and have historical search capabilities for audit purposes.

This is the world we imagine at Humio and it is fundamental in the decisions and trade-offs that we take in development of the log management solution we’ve built.

HumioOther Log Solutions
Index only time-stampNo Focus on efficient storage
Compression 10-20xLack of Streaming built-in
Familiar, Powerful, SimpleVary in complexity
On-Premises or HostedMost solutions are only Hosted
Unlimited Data PlansGB Volume/Day Plans

Humio provides the modern logging solution that fits your environment. We will help you remove the barriers of legacy solutions and show you how unlimited options can improve your ability to deliver better, faster, resilient software.

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