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April 30: Setting up a modern observability stack with Garland Technology, Corelight, and Humio

Out in the Open: DAWA Keeps Public Information Safe with Humio

When it comes to gathering public data, keeping it safe, and using it to make better public infrastructure decisions, Denmark Addresses Web API (DAWA), is leading the way with the help of Humio.

November 6th, 2018

The idea behind DAWA is that there are government agencies publishing public data on different kinds of infrastructure and geographical information. Much of this data can be used to derive helpful information for citizens in the form of APIs to examine the roads, locations, and addresses all around Denmark.

DAWA’s public Humio dashboard

Anders Hessellund Jensen and Finn Jordal, Lead Developer and Product Owner at DAWA respectively, know the value of a strong team with good feedback when it comes to dealing with public data. Their build stack is essentially a NodeJS application on top of a Postgres database to hold the data and was developed with AWS in mind as the Cloud solution. The AWS Cloud stack allows them the infrastructure flexibility to scale when needed, and flexibility is important to what they want to do.


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