Preparing for the Unknown Workshop Series

Join Humio, Pondurance, SOC Prime, and Vijilan to learn how streaming log management helps keep distributed systems resilient and secure.

August 20th, 2020

The most effective way to prepare for the unknown is to have the right log data available to do a thorough investigation of every relevant event that occurred at the time of the incident. By logging everything, Humio customers can identify issues, discover indicators of compromise, and investigate problems in real time. Humio makes it easy to search months or even years of data to get to the root of what happened. And because Humio is index-free, every part of every log is available for searching.

Join Humio EVP Morten Gram and Humio partners and customers from Pondurance, SOC Prime, and Vijilan to explore ways to be better prepared for the unknown. In this series of webinars, we’ll discuss how to optimize threat hunting and incident response, identify cybersecurity threats in real time, and deploy threat detection and actionable alerts into your environment.

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Optimize Threat Hunting and Incident Response

Thursday, September 10th - 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST

Hear how Pondurance uses real-time log data to help their customers mitigate security threats and quickly get to the root cause to minimize the impact of a breach.

Businesses are taking advantage of digital transformation in an attempt to increase agility and decrease infrastructure costs. These efforts often come at a cost: a larger, more complex security attack surface at a time when cybercrime is pervasive, regulations and guidelines are constantly changing, and resources are extremely limited. The unknown future of work, remote access requirements, and transactional environments add to the complexity and risk.

Organizations need to be prepared for the unknown by having access to live log data at scale without significantly impacting budgets. This allows them to quickly identify security threats, minimize recovery time, and protect against further attacks.

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Identify Cybersecurity Threats in Real Time

Thursday, September 3rd - 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST

As the cyberthreat landscape continues to evolve and become more complex, optimizing security programs, processes, and tools is paramount to mitigating cyber risk and protecting your organization.

Humio’s live streaming, scalable log management platform allows for real-time visibility into distributed systems and applications to provide fast, precise answers to critical security questions.

The SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace helps organizations advance their security analytics with the largest security content marketplace in the world. Used by more than 5,000 organizations and 10,000 security specialists in over 142 countries.

SOC Prime provides more than a thousand free rules that can be used with Humio to help identify threats and keep distributed systems secure.

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The Importance of Real-Time Threat Detection and Actionable Alerts

Thursday, September 17th - 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST

Keeping up with the cybersecurity landscape can be a challenging endeavor for any company. Having access to live log data, alerts, and skilled professionals is a critical aspect to detecting and alerting on cyberthreats in real time. Hear how Vijilan optimizes their SOC operations and helps their customers prepare for the unknown with streaming data and insights.

During this workshop you’ll learn how logging everything helps IT and security teams to quickly identify issues, investigate the root cause, reduce the damage, and help prevent further incidents.

We’ll discuss how live alerts assist in detecting active threats and calling out relevant information for faster mitigation, and how Vijilan’s Threat Sensor uses streaming log data to help detect and alert on threats in real time.

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