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Recap of our webinar with CTO Kresten Krab Thorup

Discover the origin of Humio’s built-in efficiency with one of our founders

April 3rd, 2020

Join Humio CTO Kresten Krap Thorup as he looks into the development of Humio's cost- and resource-saving design that he helped build. He shares a candid view into the problems faced in our industry — from wasteful use of hardware to the inefficiencies in cloud systems — and shows how Humio was developed to overcome these challenges.

In this webinar, you’ll hear how Humio’s hardware usage was optimized from the beginning, and how its compression architecture enables searching petabytes of data in seconds. Look inside Humio’s purpose-built index-free logging architecture with one of the people responsible for building it. See how it flips the existing paradigm on its head by integrating streaming data access from the start.

Kresten shares the story of how we took an unorthodox route to support cloud users, first designing Humio to work in self-hosted settings before adapting Humio’s built-in efficiencies for cloud users.

Learn how Humio enables security response teams to detect and respond in seconds. Hear about security integrations and options for building it into your security response.

Discover what makes Humio dashboards unique and why using other solutions often require two tools to accomplish the visibility that Humio enables. Stay until the end of the webinar for a demonstration of Humio and a Q&A session with Kresten.

Watch the full video of our webinar: How index-free architecture modernizes log management - Kresten Krab Thorup

Searching for unknowns in hundreds of terabytes of data? Humio is an open-ended, streaming data platform for monitoring distributed systems and discovering root causes, while optimizing for efficient hardware usage and low TCO. Humio stands out among log management solutions because it was optimized from the beginning to be index-free, and to search historical and live data with sub-second latency.

See Humio in action by scheduling a live demo, or sign up for our upcoming workshop on April 30, 2020: Building a Modern Observability Stack with Corelight, Garland, and Humio.

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