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Release Notes: November 2018

A summary of our November Release Notes

December 5th, 2018
Christian Hvitved

See our docs for a complete release overview.

RBAC support for SAML and LDAP

Humio now supports importing roles on login for both SAML and LDAP, which can be used to set up role-base authorisation and user management (the functionality is On-Prem only).

New Functions

  • New stripAnsiCodes function: Strips ANSI color codes from a field.

  • New range function: Finds numeric range between the smallest and largest numbers for the specified field over a set of events.

Graylog Compatible Ingest Support

GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) is a common format for sending logs. And Humio now supports GELF v1.1.

Various Other New Features

  • Added support for Java 11. Humio can now be run with Java 9 or Java 11. Humio’s Docker images are updated to use Java 11 and we encourage users to update to Java 11 and use Azul’s OpenJDK Zulu builds.

  • Improved build-in dashboards, allowing them to be shared using share links like any other dashboard.

  • It’s now possible to block ingestion in a repository from the repository’s settings page.

  • Repositories’ default search interval has been replaced with the possibility to choose a default repository query. All default search intervals will be migrated to default queries. A default query can be set by saving a query and checking the “Use as default” checkbox.

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