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April 30: Setting up a modern observability stack with Garland Technology, Corelight, and Humio

RSA Conference 2020 Recap

Humio transforms security with index-free log management

February 29th, 2020

Our big news from this year’s RSA was the release of Humio’s Bucket Storage and several new features including Joins, Query Quotas, and Vega support. Find out more by reading our press release. Gain a deeper understanding of how the new features improve the efficiency and functionality of log management by listening to our latest podcast.

Thanks to all of our partners and customers who participated in talks and presentations at our booth including Corelight, Garland Technology, PagerDuty, Tines and Vijilan. We had a lot of productive conversations explaining how Humio’s index-free logging solution can reduce TCO and boost security.

Our excellent crew engaged with hundreds of visitors at our booth. Humio staff members Mitch and Moneil explain Humio’s index-free architecture to attendees.

At the conference, Humio also connected with Dell Technologies. Humio Executive Vice President, Morten Gram, gave a presentation at Dell’s booth for a standing-room-only crowd.

We also presented at our partner Corelight’s booth. Our security engineer Richard Patrick fielded questions about how Humio and Corelight work to bolster network security monitoring.

At our booth, we welcomed our partners and customers including PagerDuty’s Principal Security Engineer, Kevin Babcock. Kevin gave a presentation on how to integrate multi-platform-compatible alerts with Humio.

Kevin Nejad, President & CEO of Vijilan, was present at our booth visiting with attendees and sharing the story of how Humio transformed his company’s ability to provide a real-time security response for his customers.

Thanks to everyone at our booth! Richard, Kristian, Mitch, Moneil, Frances, Laura, Annie, and Grant did an excellent job engaging with visitors and explaining how Humio works.

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