SOC Prime supports security rules for Humio

Keep environments more secure with nearly 2000 cybersecurity rules from SOC Prime’s Threat Detection Marketplace

July 21st, 2020

SOC Prime recently enriched their Threat Detection Marketplace with support for almost 2000 cybersecurity rules for Humio, including 1160 that are free. Humio users can now use this content to search and uncover threats to help keep their IT infrastructure more secure.

The SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace is the world’s largest SOC content repo. Its online library has over 57,000 SIEM & EDR rules, queries, and more designed to work directly in SIEM platforms.

“We try to help as many organizations as possible get access to quality detection content in order to maximize the effectiveness of their security solutions. Integration with Humio will allow SIEM engineers across the globe to use off-the-shelf rules, saving time on content development. In a future release, we will further deepen integration and add the ability to make searches in Humio with one click from the Threat Detection Marketplace console.”
Aleks Bredikhin

CTO at SOC Prime

Explore the new Humio integration by visiting the SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace (TDM).

To get started, sign into the TDM and navigate to Filters > Platform, click Humio, and click Apply.

Image: SOC Prime & Humio Integration Tech Info

For more information about this release, and how to use these rules, see the SOC Prime blog post: SOC Prime & Humio Integration Tech Info.

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