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Stateful in a stateless land

Running stateful apps using stateless object storage cuts costs and streamlines maintenance

May 29th, 2020

Join Humio’s Director of Infrastructure, Grant Schofield at the Cloud Native London meetup as he shares the story behind how Humio developed a way to run a stateless service in a stateless Kubernetes environment.

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Grant explains the features of the commonly accepted method of using network block storage that led his team search of other options.

Problems with network block storage:

  • It requires persistent volumes and persistent volume controllers which are brittle.

  • It’s configurationally-limited by availability zones.

  • It’s more expensive, and as users scale up storage, the costs multiply.

Grant describes the process Humio follows as it developed its own internal form of bucket storage leveraging ephemeral nodes in order to run stateful systems in a stateless Kubernetes environment. He explains how it led to financial and maintenance requirement gains.

Benefits of developing stateful apps to use object storage

  • Enable unlimited storage

  • Save money without sacrificing performance vs block storage

  • Make managing operations easier for engineers

  • Open the door to creative development

  • Enable easier file recovery with object life cycles and bucket syncing to other regions

Running stateful apps on Kubernetes may not work for every user, but for Humio it was revolutionary. It enabled Humio to transfer the cost savings and performance benefits that self-hosted users experience to cloud users. It reduced maintenance tasks for engineers, and gave them the opportunity to continue to add improvements to Humio.

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