TechGenix names Humio one of the top 5 hottest startups in the cloud and Kubernetes monitoring space

Humio represents a new breed of micro-services-ready log management solutions

August 27th, 2020

In their recent article, TechGenix included Humio in their 5 Hottest Startups in the cloud and Kubernetes monitoring space.

TechGenix recognizes Humio’s log management solution as part of a new breed of monitoring tools that are capable of addressing the growing needs of data-rich microservices environments.

“Humio provides value for money right out of the box.”
Twain Taylor


“Humio features innovative data storage facilities as well as built-in search engine technologies."

In particular, Humio’s capacity for unlimited ingest of data at scale caught their attention:

“What this literally translates to is an all you can eat buffet for logs with real-time analysis.”

In addition to capacity, TechGenix points to Humio’s immediate ability to provide value from logs as a strength.

Read more about Humio’s unlimited plan to see how Humio is leading the way to make unlimited log management affordable to enterprise clients who log terabytes of data everyday.