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April 30th, 2020

Leaders that take advantage of market chaos can advance their initiatives and move past competitors. These leaders move ahead in times of uncertainty by making careful decisions using objective criteria, and making investments that meet strategic business goals in the future.

To lead in challenging times, some executives will choose to take risks in the “turns,” the place where they can take advantage of others slowing down. We believe this is illustrated by Gartner in the Winning in the Turns: A CIO Action Guide.

“This uncertainty is a ‘turn,’ a shift from the straightaway of momentum. A turn changes the dynamics of the status quo and forces a reaction. In racing sports, it is in the turns that the best performers take risks and make moves. They brake late and then accelerate out of turns instead of simply pushing the brakes of risk aversion. They trust their abilities to take different risks that lead to higher performance. They don’t take chances, they trust their core capabilities. They have practiced. They are ready. Their vehicle or body is uniquely prepared to ‘win in the turns.” 1

Economic turns provide an opportunity for disruptive technology to overtake existing solutions. Those that rise to the challenges will successfully not only survive, but they will pull ahead of competitors. According to Gartner’s The Future of I&O Is Infrastructure-Led Disruption (Gartner subscription required), “all markets, both private and public sector are being disrupted by new technologies and business models. Of boards of directors, 64% feel technology is disrupting existing business models.” 2

“By 2025, 60% of I&O (Infrastructure & Operations) leaders will drive business innovation using disruptive technologies, up from less than 5% in 2019.

“I&O should not be marginalized when it comes to business innovation. This is an opportunity for I&O to enable the business and ultimately help drive business success. This is the critical decision point.” 2

Modernize your infrastructure

If you’re looking to improve the architecture of your infrastructure while reducing costs and embracing disruptive technology, one of the best places to start is to shore up the foundation by shifting to a modern log management. Why?

  • Logs are one of the main sources of infrastructure data. They are one of the most important sources of truth when something goes wrong.

  • Traditional logging systems cost too much to log everything you need. Don’t let the financial pressure of overpriced license agreements and bloated system requirements force you into working with an incomplete data set.

  • Prepare for the unknown by logging everything. By capturing and storing a complete data set, you’ll gain the ability to answer novel questions, and detect unexpected security risks.

  • Index-free searches are optimized for speed. Instantly access streaming logs, and search all logs with sub-second latency.

  • Daily logs generate the most data in your system. Index-free technology and advanced compression will optimize your system for storage efficiency, which can reduce costs by 50% or more.

Morten Gram discusses how logging everything helps organizations prepare for the unknown.

Value beyond just collecting logs

Humio offers an opportunity to accelerate existing logging technologies and experience an immediate boost to business value by providing insights that can only come from real-time access to data that wasn’t being indexed and stored. And rather than increase costs, this improvement may actually decrease license subscription fees, reduce hardware and maintenance costs, and accelerate the payback period. Several of our recent customers have migrated to Humio because of its overall savings.

With Humio’s unlimited license, we will no longer have holes in our aggregate data. Humio’s unlimited ingest pricing now enables us to scale our data without worry.
Rob McCurdy

CIO, Michigan State University

Customer story
The price was the number one reason for switching. At one point you realize your log management software isn’t working for you, mainly because of the price. At this price level and this support we get from Humio, I cannot see any alternatives.
Roman Kovalenko

Product Manager at SpareBank 1

Customer story

Business value that extends to all departments

Paying less for your tools is one way to add value to your company. It’s even better if the cost-saving tools create valuable insights you wouldn’t have otherwise. Humio does this by giving all departments access to customizable dashboards and instant searches of your databases.

Being able to share contextual knowledge through saved searches, dashboards, common queries, things like that, enabled my operations team to run faster, and helped our engineering team build more tools for support and sales.
Ryan Neal

Head of Infrastructure at Netlify

Customer story
It’s much much cheaper compared to other leaders in the industry. But that’s not the reason we choose Humio. Organizationally, we have one tool that can be used by our sales and marketing team, finance, and operations, bringing business analytics into Vijilan. We’re performing advanced business analytics - prescriptive and predictive.
Kevin Nejad

CEO at Vijilan

Customer podcast

Lower cost of maintenance

Compared to self-managed stacks using open-source software the difference in night and day — there is no need for several dedicated staff to maintain it, and no need for costly advanced training classes. Humio’s ease of operation allows businesses to redirect workers to tasks that are more relevant to their missions than simply maintaining software for its own sake.

Just managing the servers for our old Elastic setup costs more than the whole cost of using Humio. Humio provides us with a stable real-time log management tool that works and can easily manage our growing data volumes. With the Humio hosted solution, we don’t need to worry about the management of the tool, and can focus on the development and delivery of our own product.
David Højelsen

CTO at Mono Solutions

Customer story
Humio is easier to operate on our previous log management actually, so we don't need to hire one or two operations guys to operate. Instead of having 80 servers, we just have like 14 servers, so yeah it's quite a difference.
Roman Kovalenko

Product Manager at SpareBank 1

Customer story

Easy to get started

We invite you to conduct a full demo of our platform and see how Humio is optimized for cost and performance. By collecting and analyzing your own data, you’ll see how Humio can answer all search queries you might currently be running in your current solution, but give you faster results, and probe further into historical data. The migration itself is easy with help from Humio engineers.

Not only did we not have to manage anything ourselves, but we could also connect Humio to some endpoints, and then it all just worked without us touching any servers. However, also, the speed. It’s incredibly fast all the time. Even though we gave Humio a lot of data in a short time, it was very responsive. The expressiveness we have through the queries is amazing. So we could set up some very cool and powerful dashboards in a short time.
Niels Ladegaard Beck

CTO at BeScord

Customer story
Switching to Humio has not been a problem at all. Because it’s index-free, we just collect all the data and we can search through it. Now we are running 140,000 customers on the platform, and we haven't thought about logging since. It just works for us.
Bjørn Sørensen

Web Architect at Lunar

Customer story

1. Gartner: Winning in the Turns: A CIO Action Guide, 31 July 2019, Chris Howard, Barbara Gomolski, Sanil Solanki

2. Gartner: The Future of I&O Is Infrastructure-Led Disruption, 24 September 2019, Katherine Lord, Milind Govekar, Ron Blair (Gartner subscription required)

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