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April 30: Setting up a modern observability stack with Garland Technology, Corelight, and Humio

The Hoot - Episode 20 - Deepak JeevanKumar, DTC Managing Director, and Morten Gram, Humio EVP

Humio announces Series B funding and a new Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud plan

March 24th, 2020

Today, Humio announced Series B funding, led by Dell Technologies Capital, and that an industry-first new Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud Plan will be coming later this year.

To talk about both, John is joined by Deepak JeevanKumar, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital and new Humio board member, and Morten Gram, Humio Executive Vice President.

Listen to the podcast: The Hoot - Episode 20 - Humio EVP Morten Gram and Deepak JeevanKumar, DTC Managing Director

Deepak and Morton discuss the recent funding, and how the investment will enable us to provide more innovation, more products, and more value for our customers.

Deepak describes his role as Venture Partner at Dell Technologies Capital and member of Humio’s Board of Directors. We’re grateful to have his guidance and support as we continue to scale, mature, and succeed as a company.

“We started hearing about Humio in the customer network. What caught our attention was that Humio took a very clean-slate architecture in how to store and analyze logs. Existing log analytics companies have a 10-year-old architecture. Given how fast the volume of logs is increasing, we thought that a new architecture is needed. We saw that potential in Humio.”

“With the growth of microservices, a lot of IT products need to be developer-friendly, DevOps friendly, and multicloud. We need to create the next-generation log management play that is native to this cloud world, that’s native for this microservices world. This is one of the rare markets in IT infrastructure that grows much faster than an already exponentially growing IT infrastructure market.”

Deepak JeevanKumar, DTC

Morten talks about the new Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud Plan, and how it significantly changes the cost of scaling to massive volumes in a SaaS environment. This new offering will give our customers similar benefits as our Unlimited Self-hosted Plan. The Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud Plan will be available later this year.

“Two years ago, we launched the Unlimited Plan for our self-hosted customers. We really want to bring similar benefits to our cloud customers. It will significantly change the cost of scaling to big volumes in the SaaS environment.”

Morten Gram, Humio

We wrap up by discussing the path that Humio is on, and what customers can expect from Humio as we continue our progress.

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