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The Hoot - Episode 23 - Alan Shimel, MediaOps CEO and founder

Weathering the storm and preparing for what’s next

April 28th, 2020

Alan Shimel, Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of and John talk tech and how to stay informed about what’s new in DevOps.

Listen to the podcast: The Hoot - Episode 23 - Alan Shimel, MediaOps CEO and founder

Alan introduces the MediaOps network he presides over as CEO and Editor-in-Chief. He shares the background of and how he brought together a network of over 400 security-focused technical bloggers for Security Boulevard. His company also provides coverage of tech through its Digital Anarchist video platform, and provides year-round coverage of DevOps through DevOps TV on YouTube and DevOpsChat podcasts.

His team has filled the void created by a lack of conference events with TechStrong TV, a DevOps-focused daily show that is produced five times a week with 2-4 hours of content. Tune in!

In addition to media coverage, Alan co-founded the Accelerated Strategies Group, a collection of tech experts with hands-on experience that provides reports for free, disrupting the decades-old paradigm found in the analyst business.

Alan shares the story of how his career followed the rise of the internet. He went from being a lawyer using WordPerfect to building and hosting websites to co-founding the MediaOps network.

Alan shares his ideas on leading a team, his perspectives on staying ahead of the trends, and he provides a candid assessment of how the current environment will likely impact DevOps in the next year.

“I think one of the lessons we’re going to learn coming out of this is that organizations that are DevOps-enabled, that are adopting cloud-native, that have undergone digital transformation, are going to have a much easier time during this transition and whatever comes after.”

Despite the ongoing uncertainty, Alan notes there is a positive way to frame the future.

“This is the time to bare down. This is the time to produce your best work. It’s also the time to not be afraid to walk the highwire without the net. It’s the time to execute. No matter how bad the macro may be, there’s always room for success for people and organizations that work hard.”

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