The Importance of Instant Feedback in Analytics

A feedback loop is essential for every part of the modern DevOps environment. From continuous integration and deployment to application development to infrastructure monitoring to team dynamics, feedback is the most important piece of the DevOps puzzle. But feedback is of little to zero value if it is not timely. And in the modern development world, that means instant or as near to instant as possible.

In the past, prior to the current world of web and mobile development, feedback was a closed loop between the developer and the application. Often aided by tests or a compiler, desktop developers could spot issues and follow trails to solve problems without worrying about end users seeing the flaws or getting caught in a bad deploy. There were no deploys, unless you consider pushing a new version out on disc or CD a deploy.

The Importance of Instant Feedback in Analytics

As the world moved to web-based software and mobile software, new components came into play including cloud, containers, test-driven development, and constant iterative deployments. All these led to a new need to monitor systems far beyond the single machine with operating ecosystems prior to the web revolution.


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