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April 30: Setting up a modern observability stack with Garland Technology, Corelight, and Humio

The Owl in the Enterprise - New Log Analysis Features from Humio

Humio has recently added a number of new features to its Log Management solution including High Availability, Primary/Secondary Storage, and Role Based Authentication and Access Control.

June 12th, 2019

Flexibility, observability, and openness - these are the ideals of Humio when it comes to logging and monitoring, and the ideals shared by many organizations around the world.

Through continuous improvement and stabilization of platform features, Humio keeps up with the needs of any size team looking to gain insight into their infrastructure and application set up.

The main focus is scaling. As logs grows and applications move away from initial stages, being able to log at scale is a feature every part of the team needs: from developers to infrastructure.

This brings to mind the most recent round of improvements and features in the Humio application world! To keep up with this on the enterprise level, we’ve introduced or enhanced the following features around High Availability and Security.

High Availability

  • Enables an administrator to easily configure redundancy through the Cluster Nodes Administration user interface.

  • Along the entire datapath, from parsing and digesting to storing the data.

  • Digest Rules allowing the administrator to easily specify which Digest nodes are redundant.

Primary/Secondary Storage

  • Also known as Hot/Cold storage.

  • This on-prem capability allows an Administrator to configure and take advantage of low-cost storage technologies for older data and use the Primary Storage only for the most recent data.

  • This improves query performance from the Primary Storage.

Role Based Authentication and Access Control

  • Based on group memberships, a group can have any number of permissions and access to specific repos and views.

  • Allows an administrator to assign various permissions and access rights to the users.

  • Can be done either through a permissions file or through the Administration UI.

  • Also allows for reading group memberships from e.g. SAML, LDAP or Auth0, simplifying the management of a large amount of users.

Delete Events API

  • Individual events can be deleted from the Humio Storage through the Delete Events API.

  • Available to both on-prem and cloud customers.

  • Enables users to get rid of data that, for whatever reason, should no longer be in the log.

  • Access to this ability requires special permissions assigned by an administrator.

Event Context

  • Humio enables the ability to show the Event Context for a given event.

  • Enables visibility of the log entry leading to the event in its original context.

  • Through a simple right click on a given event, users can now see it in its original context.

Infinite Scroll

  • Through the user interface allowing for scrolling as far back as required.

  • The result of a query is no longer limited to the first 200 events.

  • In combination with the new Event Context feature, is a powerful way for users to examine their log files and is available for all customers now.

Humio continually strives to make things better for DevOps teams in the Enterprise and at smaller companies. These latest features benefit teams of any size. Take advantage of what Humio has to offer and get started today with our free trial, or schedule a live demo with a Humio team member!

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