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In The Hoot podcast, we sit down with our customers, industry experts, and Humio employees. We discuss what’s new in observability, DevOps, security, monitoring, technology, experiments, and what we can do to make a better experience for each other.


Ep 17

The Hoot - Episode 17 - Humio Engineering: Christian Hvitved and Anders Jensen

John joins Christian Hvitved, Chief Engineer and founder of Humio, and Anders Jensen, VP of Engineering to discuss recent Humio product features, including bucket storage and the new joins function.

Ep 16

The Hoot - Episode 16 - Humio Security Developer Kristian Gausel

In this week’s podcast, John talks with Kristian Gausel, Security engineer at Humio. Kristian introduces himself and shares why security is such an important focus for Humio.

Ep 15

The Hoot - Episode 15 - Humio VP of Finance Juho Lahdenpera

This week, John talks with Juho Lahdenpera, VP of Finance at Humio. Juho shares his thoughts about joining Humio, and the value the role of finance brings to a tech organization.

Ep 14

The Hoot Episode 14 - Humio and Confluent with Viktor Gamov

Victor Gamov is a Developer Advocate at Confluent, the company that makes an event streaming platform based on Apache Kafka. John and Viktor talk about the life of a developer advocate, and about the history of Confluent and Kafka.

Ep 13

The Hoot episode 13: Humio at Corelight with Seth Hall

Seth Hall is the Chief Evangelist, Key Zeek Committer, and co-founder of Corelight. This week, John and Seth talk about combining Humio and Corelight boosts your observability. Seth raves about Humio’s smooth search navigation, and he explains how Humio dashboards are a huge boon to people in...

Ep 12

The Hoot episode 12: Humio at FreeAgent with Steven Williamson

This week, we visit with Steve Williamson, Ops Team Lead at FreeAgent. Learn how they began running Humio in parallel with their existing system, and found Humio is easier, faster, and allows them to log everything without worrying about limits.

Ep 11

The Hoot episode 11: IBM and Humio with Mike Mallo and Jeff Rogers

Humio visits with Mike Mallo and Jeff Rogers to talk about Humio joining the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management to make its advanced log management platform available as an out-of-the-box service for IBM Cloud customers.

Ep 10

The Hoot episode 10: Best-of-breed observability, with Pavlo Baron

Join us on the Hoot podcast as we talk with Instana CTO Pavlo Baron about the growing need for observability, and how the Humio-Instana integration can help point you to the highest quality data.

Ep 9

Uncovering business value with modern logging solutions, with Søren Rindal Nielsen

In this episode of The Hoot, we are joined by Søren Rindal Nielsen, Senior IT Business Consultant. Søren has extensive IT experience in airlines, finance, and government, and he shares his thoughts on building a career in ITOps.

Ep 8

Index Free Logging with Greg Burd

This episode we are sitting down with Greg Burd, Humio’s Principal Software Engineer to discuss one of our favorite topics: Index Free Logging. We touch on many of the questions people have when considering Humio and what Index Free really means.

Ep 7

Security and Bad Code with Jeff Reich of Innove

Hear how Humio is used for InfoSec to provide real-time access to data via live system observability through fast, scalable, and efficient log data management.

Ep 6

Observability and Incident Response with Matt Stratton of PagerDuty

PJ sits down with his good friend and fellow DevOps enthusiast, Matt Stratton of PagerDuty. The pair discuss observability, DevOps, SecOps, PagerDuty Summit, and the importance of community interaction.

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