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The Hoot - Episode 26 - The New Stack with Alex Williams and Libby Clark

June 5th, 2020

John welcomes guests from The New StackAlex Williams, founder and editor in chief, and Libby Clark, editorial and marketing director – to discuss their perspectives on DevOps trends and the greater digital landscape on our latest podcast.

We’ll explore:

  • The essence of DevOps

  • What the outlook in the next year is

  • How IT functions like a nervous system

  • Why Alex knows so much about thread count

  • Why Libby sees a connection between science writing and DevOps writing

The New Stack provides a model for how to run a publication with a high degree of journalistic integrity and unique perspectives. And not just any type of journalism, but useful longitudinal analysis that is useful to decision-makers.

“Monitoring has traditionally been about what has happened. Now we’re moving into this age of observability. We’re looking at what’s happening at the moment.”

Alex Williams, Editor-in-Chief, The New Stack

We discuss the current environment, and the role that technology plays. Libby sees operations teams emerging as a vital component that connects the two, ensuring people get connected with the goods and care they vitally need.

“Lately we’ve been talking about operations as first-responders – the people who are on the front lines of maintaining our networks and making sure that our hospitals are up and running. The people that are maintaining those networks are in effect allowing us to be at home, and to shelter.

Libby Clark, Editorial and Marketing Director, The New Stack

The interview concludes with Libby and Alex sharing their outlook on what changes they expect to see in the next 12 months.

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