The Hoot episode 12: Humio at FreeAgent with Steven Williamson

This week, we visit with Steve Williamson, Ops Team Lead at FreeAgent. FreeAgent uses Humio to monitor the health of their entire infrastructure, and to help solve business problems across the company. Steven shares his thoughts about switching from a traditional logging system that didn’t have the flexibility to do what they need. Learn how they began running Humio in parallel with their existing system, and found Humio is easier, faster, and allows them to log everything without worrying about limits. More importantly, it inspires users across FreeAgent to use Humio in inventive ways.

"Find difficult problems and just start trying to solve them. Don’t worry about the latest fads or the latest tech or web analytic languages. It’s more valuable to actually find a problem that has got an impact, and concentrate on solving that.

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