The Hoot Episode 14 - Humio and Confluent with Viktor Gamov

Victor Gamov is a Developer Advocate at Confluent, the company that makes an event streaming platform based on Apache Kafka. John and Viktor talk about the life of a developer advocate, and about the history of Confluent and Kafka.

“The cool thing is that Kafka actually enables a lot of modern businesses that you didn’t think that you’ll need until you have it — things like Uber and Uber Eats. The technology enabled them to do the things that they do right now, and specifically stream processing.”

Victor Gamov Confluent Developer Advocate

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about how Humio and Confluent make managing streaming data from distributed systems easier and more efficient for ITOps, DevOps, and Security professionals. Viktor describes how Kafka Connect works with your Humio data. They wrap up their conversation discussing what organizations need to consider addressing in the coming year, and how to be better prepared.

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